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Advertising on helps maintain this website which carries the heavy load of providing easy to maintain websites for local charities and being a virtual volunteer centre for Stettler. Half of all proceeds collected by this website are divided up equally amongst the charities listed on this site while the other half goes towards maintaining the website and the virtual volunteer centre. is operated by Rairdan Services, Inc. and receives no outside funding. This is our company community work and we are proud to do it for our community. 

Sponsor a website

Having a good web presence is extremely useful to non-profit organizations but it's tough for organizations to manage. It's possible that there is not anyone in the organization who has the skills to build a website, the organizations may not be able to afford a website or the website they had was built by a volunteer who is now gone. We solved the problem. is a website collective for Stettler non-profits that helps them promote their services and programs with a digital presence that they don't have to manage, a website that can stay consistent no matter who is at the organization and, most importantly, is very affordable. gives them a website and voice to share their stories, services, programs and successes through the news blog that is maintained. 

When you sponsor a website on you;

  • Give a non-profit a great space to market their services and programs online

  • Help non-profits market themselves through a collaborative news feed 

  • Help non-profits sell their tickers for events 

  • Give them a platform from which to make the best use of their social media 

  • Help coordinate and recruit local volunteers

  • Offer a stress free website option for the organization

$300 will purchase a non-profit of your choice a web-page for one year. This money is used to build and maintain the webpage for the organization, manage the news feed and to help promote as a whole. 

Advertising on the front page and news page is sold to local business with 50% of all monies going toward maintaining the site and selling the advertising and the other 50% is divided among the non-profits on on a quarterly basis. 

If you would like to sponsor a non-profit's web page on please call Wendy at 403-743-0347 or email