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Beginning StettlerGives.com

Amber Hansel, Admin Rairdan Services, Inc

We have been planning it for months and we are thrilled to announce that we are on our way! StettlerGives.com will help our local organizations have more of a web presence, make them easier to find and connect with, help recruit local volunteers, boost charity social media engagement, help market local service group events and, we hope, much more. I'd like to introduce everyone to Amber Hansel who is our Administrative Assistant. Amber will be doing the hard work of connecting with all the groups who want a page on StettlerGives and making sure that we get the right information for each page. Once Amber has collected all the information necessary for your website, I will do the web design and make your page.

Wendy Rairdan, Web Designer Rairdan Services, Inc

A few things to consider if you would like a page on StettlerGives:

1. Please start organizing your pictures. Good images are critical in today's web design. People connect with people so show them who you are! However, don't let this stop you from applying for a web page.

2. Please fill out the form on this page as thoroughly as possible. Amber will contact you after she receives the form to ask more questions, clarify anything and ask you for your pictures.

3. If you would like to pay for your page then great, however, we will be looking for sponsors for your pages. Sponsors will have their name (and logo if they are a business) at the very top right of the organization pages.

4. This site will sell digital advertising on the front page and the News page. 1/2 of all advertising dollars collected will be split amongst the StettlerGives organizations every quarter and the other half will go towards maintaining the websitesite.

5. Your site page will be StettlerGives.com/your-organization-name. You are encouraged to add a social media feed to your site but it is not necessary. .

6. You may send us your articles/news and we will post them online for you at no cost.

7. If you would like to sponsor a charity website please contact us the information below.

If you have any questions please read over the site and then call us at 403-743-0347 or email admin@rairdanservices.ca.

The team at Rairdan Services, Inc looks forward to working with all of you and we are thrilled that we can put our skills together to give and grow StettlerGive.com.

Thank you,

Wendy Rairdan