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Getting your page on StettlerGives.com

Rairdan Services, Inc. offers StettlerGives.com as an easy website option for local Stettler charitable organizations. This website cooperative is managed and mainted by the team at Rairdan Services, Inc. who works directly with each organization to get their information for their webpage, builds the webpage, works with local businesses to sponsor the webpages and sell the advertisements that support the website. 50% of all the profit from this website goes to the charities with pages on the site. The other 50% of the profit from this website pays for the administrative support, domain name, web hosting, social media management and graphic design needs.

The website has several goals:

  • provide a low cost website option for local charities (stettlergives.com/youroragnizationname)

  • Get rid of the technology barriers between non-profits/charities and marketing their programs & services online

  • provide a way for charities to post volunteer openings

  • provide a collaborative blog for charities/non-profits to share news, events, initiatives and fundraising efforts

  • to connect local volunteers with local organizations who need help

  • provide the community a way to apply for volunteering online

  • provide the community with a way to see current openings for volunteers

  • provide an extra revenue stream for local charities with pages on this website

  • bring awareness to the community about all of the organizations and services in Stettler

  • offer businesses an opportunity to help support non-profits/charities by giving them a place to market themselves online

  • offer businesses local digital advertising options

  • give the best of Rairdan Services, Inc team's skill's back to the community

How to get a webpage for your organization

1. Please call 403-743-0347 and tell us you would like a webpage on StettlerGives.com

2. Our Admin, Amber Hansel, will contact you to gather all the information, pictures and details that need to go on your webpage

3. We look for a sponsor for your webpage or you can pay for your webpage; your choice. For $300/yr a business can have their logo on your webpage and be listed as a sponsor

4. When we have a sponsor we build your webpage and send you a link for approval

5. We announce your webpage is live

6. You share (via email) your stories, initiatives, news and volunteer opportunities with us and we post them on the website for you


  • We update your webpage when necessary

  • We post and manage your articles and volunteer openings on the website

  • We send you volunteer applications that match your needs or volunteers interests

  • We provide a quarterly payment to the non-profits on the website for half of the profit the website has earned

All barriers broken. Communities and organizations connected. Businesses and organizations connected. Stettler gives.

For questions please call Wendy or Amber at 403-743-0347 or emal admin@rairdanservices.ca or wendy@rairdanservices.ca

Rairdan Services, Inc. Team